Imagine this: you're sitting down to have your usual morning breakfast. A standard bowl of creamy Greek yoghurt and crunchy granola. But today... you feel like something a bit different.

Granola with fruit and lemon agrumato.

That's where our bottle of Lemon Agrumato comes in.

  1. Take a bowl of Greek yoghurt over crunchy granola. The more the merrier!
  2. Add sliced fruits of your choice for a vitamin-packed meal
  3. Drizzle a small amount of Lemon Agrumato over your yoghurt bowl

A delicious, refreshing breakfast that awakens your tastebuds with a burst of citrusy flavour and a healthy boost of antioxidants.

Our Lemon Agrumato is more than just a salad dressing. The beauty lies in its versatility. Use it to add a delicious citrus tang to pancakes, lemon bars or even simple cakes. From savoury to sweet, our Lemon Agrumato is an opportunity to unleash your creativity in the kitchen.

At Pendleton Olive Estate, we take pride in creating exceptional products that bring people together. Our zesty Agrumatos let you transform everyday cooking into an indulgent experience.

Whether you’re just having brekkie or serving a brunch spread for friends and family, our Agrumatos will take you on a culinary journey like no other.

The best part? They make an excellent gift idea for foodies too. Inspire others to explore the world of possibilities with our extensive range of products for everyday meals.

August 15, 2023 — Rachel Whiting
Tags: Recipes