An ideal place to grow olives

South Australia’s Limestone Coast is an ideal place to grow olives. Olive trees have been growing here since the late 1800's. The Mediterranean climate and consistent growing conditions are the foundation of our high yield and quality olive production.

Pendleton Olive Estate is an olive-growing institution, with our groves being some of the most established in Australia. We see ourselves custodians of a proud legacy that began in 1869 when Governor James Fergusson proclaimed the region, naming it Pendleton; An old English name for a settlement.

Frank Agostino and Richard Whiting came together to establish an Olive Mill in Keith to produce a unique brand of first cold-pressed natural Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Pendleton Olive Estate’s range has been extended to include premium infusions, vinegars and dukkah.

Our modern production techniques are highly efficient, producing a cleaner, fresher Extra Virgin Olive Oil with the highest levels of antioxidants. The simple, natural, and fresh juice of the olives is at the core of our production and brand ethos.